Server for GitHub Web Hooks Service

While GitHub is a nice for small projects, it fails to manage medium to large projects. Email notification system is just spam and while pull request system is implemented on top of "issues management" you can not attach tags / fields or other state related markers.

With more than I few pull request, I found it hard to track who is assigned for a pull request, who should review a pull request and what is the current progress of a pull request.

All is not lost, since GitHub comes with a nice API.

Scratching my own itch I ended up writing a server to receive GitHub notification and implement my own notification and action rules.

It comes with a simple webserver to receive GitHub Web Hooks and a simple JS GUI to manage web hooks. Webserver is Python Twisted Klein, and GUI is AngularJS.

Here is a quick preview:


Chech the code on GitHub txghserf project page. Any comment or suggestion is much appreciated.


"Hook Line n Sinker" by Tomi Tapio

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