Help translate Ubuntu into your language!

You don’t need to be a good programmer or posses advance knowledge in operating systems to help the development of free software. Right now many free software application are unaccessible to people, who don’t know the English language. Especially young children and scholars cannot use educational free software due to the lack of a translation into their mother tongue.

If you are not a native English speaker and you know English, you can help to translate free software into your mother tongue. You don’t need to provide a complete translation of that software, even if you translate a few sentences this is an important contribution.

The easiest way to contribute to a translation is by using the translation tool integrated into Launchpad application:

Launchpad Translations

In order to use this tool you will need to create a Launchpad account.

After having your Launchpad account, you can access the translation page for your language.

For example the page for Romanian translation is:

Here you will find a list of all application available for translation, which are sorted according to their importance. You will find the translation status for each application as well.

Click the application name to start translating it. Your translation suggestions are then review by a person, who is responsible for the translations into that language. According to the quality of the translation, that person is going approve or to modify your translation in order to be included into the official application.

If there is a previous suggestion for a sentence, review the suggestion, and if you find it inaccurate create a new suggestion.

Ubuntu project ease application translations with Launchpad.

In the Help menu of each application you will find the entry: “Translate this application…”.

Clicking it will redirect you to the Launchpad page for the application translation.

Thanks for your help!

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