OpenID – First Step towards Single Sign-On

As I’m a big fan of security, single sign-on and single sign-up, I am very happy to announce you that my site is OpenID enabled. Most probably not many of you have heard about OpenID. I will tell you it provides single sign-up, but after having readthis post, check the wikipedia article for OpenID and check openidenabled as well.

My opinion is that this is still a technology preview, but get ready to use OpenID, as it is a top priority for Firefox3 and as it is the new version of the Infamous Operating System (the one starting with V, V from Vendetta).

I don’t know if OpenID will succeed or if we will use another name at the end of this year. Certainly this goal is noble and must be followed and supported. Like the title says this is OpenID’s first step for solving the single sign-on problem. I am sure this technology will evolve and maybe we will see a robust sign-on solution based on OpenID.

Good luck OpenID!

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