Git on AIX

For running Git on AIX my first stop was the RPM provided by Perlz AIX Archive. Those RPM are up to date, but they have a big dependency list.

Perlz is great for a stable system, but I just wanted to do some quick test on a default IBM VLP AIX system. I was looking for ssh transport as AIX already comes with an old version of OpenSSL.

So I sat down and start compiling Git from source code.

Beside installing the GNU Make and hacking a script for GNU Install, everything went fine.

For your convenience you can get the binary archive from git-1.7.10-aix.tar.gz. It is intended to be installed in ~/.local folder. It only supports ssh transport, no http or https.

The recipe for building git is here, and a dummy GNU Install is here.


"I HAS MAH OWN MUG, GO GIT UR OWN!" by stratman2

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