Don't forget to reboot your Windows Server

I spend almost all of my time in the Unix part of the world. I enjoy the wide open landscapes from Linux land.

From time to time I have to take a trip into the Windows(TM) part of the world, with more frequent visits to a highly acclaimed place called Windows Server.

While visiting Windows, I always have the feeling of visiting a ghetto. There is a constant thread of virus infections, everyone wants to pimp your Internet Explorer with a fancy toolbar. You are offered free products with many strings attached. You are tempted to start using a free product just to discover later that you can not stop using it, even though you would like to. I am not sure why so many people prefer living in these places.

One thing that I constantly forget while I am on Windows territories is to do a reboot after doing anything more complex than installing and configuring Google Chrome... don't get me wrong, installing Google Chrome on Windows Server, as Administrator, is not what I would call a trivial task.

When things lose their logic, don't ask why and just reboot and enjoy the result.

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