Twitter Boostrap theme for Trac

I present you my weekend hack: a quick and dirty theme for Trac based on Twitter Boostrap.

Source code is here for your examination.

I am not a big fan of Trac's default look, and until now I was using Agilo for Trac... just because it looks cool. To bad there is no separate theme, and together with a nice Agilo's nice theme you also receive a lot of indoctrination from the church of holy Enterprise Agile.

I am not using any of the extra features from Agilo and they were blocking some other cool Trac extensions like email2trac or batch modify.

So, here are the mandatory screenshots...

/media/img/articles/2012/trac-bootstrap-report-normal.png /media/img/articles/2012/trac-bootstrap-report-responsive.png /media/img/articles/2012/trac-bootstrap-report-responsive-expand.png
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