Worst UI in the Universe!

For the last few years I had to make a declaration regarding my income. This is only required for companies.

The declaration is created using a computer program.

This program only works on Windows. It is just a simple application which will generate a codebar based on your company information.

When it starts, it looks like this:


It has a nice "Law" button, which can be used for checking the law's text. When pressed it will open a Notepad, like this:


All fun and craziness begins when you want to start entering data. It looks like this:


The size of the new windows is huge and you will have a hard time positioning the new windows in a standard 1024/768 screen.

Even after you manage to resize the window, you will find out that the actual view is larger that the window and will search for scrollbars along window's margins.

The scrollbars are placed in a new genius and innovative way in the top right side of the windows, together with all other advanced buttons.

After your are done entering your data, you will try to look for a Save or Print button... well look no further as there are no such buttons.

You will have to press the 'Exit' button, which contrary to your belief, it will not exit the application, but rather close the current window and will allow you to see the 'Start' window.


From the 'Start' window, the eagle eyed users will notice a button labeled 'Listare declaratie 392' (translated 'List declaration 392'). By pressing this button you will get no feedback, but behind the scene the application has just sent a print request to your default printer.

You don't want to print to your default printer ... bad luck! Just go and change your default printer.

This is by far the worst UI I have ever used for such a simple task! There is no doubt that the designer, developer and the person who approved this application are special people!

One good thing I can say about it, is that it comes with a changelog.

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