My Belief

This is a list of principles in which I believe and is inspired by The Party of Me from Rob Miller:

  • If you are free to do something it does not imply you are able to do it, or you have to do it
  • No individual or group has a right not to be offended. The only limit on speech should be if there is a very real chance that said speech could cause imminent lawless action, or in the case of defamation (calumny or vilification). In the latter two cases, the burden of proof should be, as in all cases, on the prosecution.
  • Religion should be a private affair: no state religion should be established and, equally, no religion should be banned or discriminated against by the state. Faith schools should be allowed to exist as normal private schools do.
  • An individual should be free to choose the partner regardless of sex, nationality, age, social position, etc …
  • The death penalty is wrong and should remain illegal: everyone has a fundamental right to life that can only legitimately be infringed in certain instances of self-defence.
  • No individual or group should be restricted to travel or work in some part of the world, regardless of his place of birth, nationality or citizenship.
  • A person committing a crime should be judged as an individual, and not as a group, nation or country.